[Entrada] la ultima encuesta sobre la carta que usarían en Side Deck

Con la importancia que tiene el side deck -vease que el campeón mundial gano al puro sideckeo- esta fue la ultima encuesta del formato pasado para saver que carta usarian en Side Deck de cajon.

“Probably Crevice into the Different Dimension. It’s versatile: you can use it on a lot of different Decks that use their Graveyard a lot.”-Jordan Grant

“I’d have to say Prohibition. It stops Rescue Cat, Cold Wave, Heavy Storm.”-Justin Chiaino

“I like Swallow Flip against Frog FTK. It takes out the Swap Frog, so they can’t Unifrog you because they don’t have another Frog out, and they don’t have another monster forSubstitoad.”-Lazaro Bellido

“Hanewata. It saved me in Round 1 against Frog FTK.”-Richard Lam

“Doomcaliber Knight. It negates Darksoul’s effect, and I think it’s the best Side Deck card in the game. And it works under Skill Drain, which I’m playing!”-Patrick Achramovitch

“Hanewata, just because I think there are a lot of Frog FTK’s. I haven’t seen many today myself, but people were talking about them a lot.”-Chris Martinez

“Saber Slash. I play it against my own Oppression, and I can get around Doomcaliber Knightand Thunder King. It gets around a lot of stuff.”-Rob Cedar

“Probably Compulsory Evacuation Device or Trap Hole.”-Anthony Meier

“Snowman Eater, for sure. I mean, Hanewata’s good too, but it’s boring compared toSnowman Eater!”-Jehanzab Siddiqui

“Volcanic Queen! I didn’t actually get to Sumon it today, but I played it a few times at Nationals.”-Danny Rose

“I guess Hanewata? It’s cool for stopping the Frog FTK.”-Daniel Farina

Yo usaria a Cyber Dragon para frenar las aproximadamente 5 variantes de machina. Deck Express
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