[Entrada] "Konami Anuncia YCS para Texas"

Arlington, Texas UPDATED: 1/4/11
When: Feb 12 - 13
Where: Arlington Convention Center
Arlington, TX
Introducing Konami’s newest tournament series – Konami Presents: The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series!

These events are the newest in Premier Level tournament play, and will replace the previous SHONEN JUMP Championship tournament series.  KDE has made several tweaks and improvements to the old tournament structure, including the tournament format, prizing and Public Events.

There is no invite required to participate at a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament  - it is an open event.

As there is a high expected attendance for these events, the tournament format has been modified to make the play experience more enjoyable for Duelists and staff alike. Swiss Rounds will be spread over the course of both days for very large tournaments, and we have increased the Top Cut, which gives more Duelists a chance to make it to the playoffs.
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