[Capitulo] Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Capitulo 35 Español Subtitulado+RAW 36 y 37

Capitulo 35
Una Sorprendente Noticia! El Peligroso Futuro de Kotori


Episode 36 
The Power to Create Future! Aspiring Emperor Hope Ray

Episode 37  
Disqualified from the WDC!? Heartland's Assassins Droite and Gauche

No habrá Capitulos de zexal en Japon las próxima  semana regresa el 9 de enero del 2012
pero ay spoilers
 Bound To Hope! Hope Sword Mars Slash!!
January 09, 2012 

In place of Flip, Yuma is Dueling with Droite and Gauche. At that moment, Astral is in a pinch facing Number 96 inside The Emperor's Key. Because of Astral's absence, Yuma cannot Summon "Utopia", which leaves him to solidify the defense as his remaining option. Astral senses Yuma's crisis, and with his feelings, sends Utopia off! With Utopia finally appearing in the fight, the color of Droite and Gauche's eyes changes. This is the sign these two are about to engage in a brutal Number Hunting!! The Destined Showdown! 
Cat-chan vs Dog-chan!
January 16th, 2012
With Yuma and Kathie having passed the preliminaries, they congratulate each others hard work. But suddenly, Yuma has his Heart Pieces stolen by a stray mutt! However, a pack of dogs are waiting for Cat who ran ahead faster than Yuma. At this historic moment, the first time in all recorded human history, a Cat and a Dog Duel! A fierce fight, as expected of the Decks of a cat and dog, unfolds, and the shadow of "Tadayoshi" appears from the mysterious Duelist "Dog-Chan"!!

Visitor from Heartland: Haruto
January 23rd, 2012
To heal his little brother Haruto's illness, Kaito rigorously continues hunting the Number Cards. Seeing his older brother exhausted, Haruto sneaks away from Heartland, and by chance meets Yuma and Astral. Amazingly, Haruto can see Astral, who in turn seems to know Haruto's name. Moved by Astral's wish, Yuma takes Haruto to the Tsukumo Home.

Haruto's Gone! A New Opponent: Tron
January 30th, 2012
Haruto loses his way around Heartland City, being taken away by a mysterious person, while Yuma chases him. At that place, Yuma bumps into Droite and Gauche, who presume he is Haruto's Kidnapper, so Kaito attempts to save him. Searching for Haruto's whereabouts, Kaito and Yuma join forces to break into the castle of their new enemy: Tron. But standing in their way is the man Shark desires revenge against, IV (Four) and his younger brother III (Three), who are both formidable threats.

Yuma & Kaito: A Spirited Tag Duel
February 6th, 2012
In order to rescue Haruto, Yuma and Kaito Tag Team to duel against IV and III! At that time, Tron begins a mysterious ritual to absorb Haruto's supernatural power. In a hurry, Kaito duels essentially on his own, with a brutal assault, while Yuma pours his heart and soul into protecting Kaito from any Damage. Kaito summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, which essentially decides victory or defeat in a Duel, and seals their opponent's Number Cards!!

The Miraculous Overlay! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
February 13th, 2012
Tron's ritual continues to steal Haruto's power. At the same time Yuma and Kaito face off against IV and III's Numbers, continuing a frantic Offensive/Defensive Strategy. Due to the terror of III and IV's strategy, Kaito is pushed into a corner, but Haruto's feelings awaken a new power inside Kaito!! Appearing on the field is the strongest monster imaginable, created by the powerful bonds of these brothers... Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!!

The Forked Paths of Destiny! Yuma Throws Away Dueling
February 20th, 2012
Astral wishes to recover his memories, while Kaito wishes to cure Haruto's sickness. Both of these people need the Numbers for their own reasons, so Yuma is worried what he should do. At that time, he learns from V that his father Kazuma is still alive, which makes Yuma overjoyed, and makes him begin a trip to go to the "End of the World". But at that time, his master from the Duel Retreat, Rokujuro, appears...!?

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