[News] Shadow Specters: Complete Spoiler

Here you are! The complete Spoiler of Shados Specters.
Below the TCG Exclusives and OCG imports.

¡Aquí tienes! La lista de cartas de Shadow Specters
Debajo las cartas exclusivas e importaciones de OCG
TCG Exclusives:
  • Bujingi Raven 
  • Vampire Duke
  • Archfiend Giant
  • Lady of the Lake (Secret Rare)
  • Noble Knight Borz 
  • Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn 
  • Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus 
  • Noble Arms Excaliburn  
  • Sinister Yorishiro 

OCG Imports:
  • Sirius the Blue Wolf Star [Synchro] 
  • Mira The Giant Star [XYZ]
  • Dragrad [Effect Monster ]
  • Wybustar the Ivory Dragon [Effect Monster] 
  • Collapsarpent the Ebony Dragon [Effect Monster] 
  • Kodomo Dragon [Effect Monster]
  • Sactuary of the Spellcasters [Continuous Spell card]
  • Armor Kappa [XYZ]
  • Token Christmas [Normal Trap Card] 
  • Vivvit Knight [Effect Monster]

Written by: Lenn Hegg

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