Konami adelanta los playmats del Battle Pack 3: Monster League.

Includes 10 new cards (2 new Monsters, 2 new Spells, and 6 new Traps).
Uses a Special Tournament Rule: All monsters are treated as all Types. Introduces the new Shatterfoils rarity. Xyz Monsters return after being absent in Battle Pack 2, but are Shatterfoils rarity only.
Each pack contains 5 cards:
  • 1 Shatterfoil card (a brand new shiny card pattern)
  • 1 Rare Card (with glossy black title)
  • 3 Common Cards
  • The set contains 237 cards:
    • 55 Rare Cards
    • 165 Common Cards
    • 17 cards are only available as Shatterfoil; the Xyz Monsters
    • All other 220 cards are also available as Shatterfoil

Special Tournament Rule
(for home use, too!)
Like all Battle Pack boosters, Battle Pack 3: Monster League will be designed to be played in booster draft or sealed pack style (more info below).
What’s new about Monster League is that – while playing draft/sealed with Battle Pack 3 packs – there is a very special tournament rule. We suggest using this tournament rule at home, too, while playing draft/sealed Monster League with your friends.

The special Monster League rule is:

All monsters are all Types.
Whether in your Deck, Extra Deck, hand, Graveyard, field, or banished, all monsters are treated as every monster Type. The monsters have put aside their differences, and united into one great big Monster League!
When Dueling with BP3, you can expect to see combos and strategies that wouldn’t work otherwise, and get to play with tons of cards you normally don’t see much. You’ll be playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG like you’ve never seen it before!

Recuerda que puedes consultar más información aquí y aquí.

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